Stabac Electronics Co. is the first Pakistani firm involved in manufacturing of UPS. It was founded in 1990. Our aim is to provide people the high tech UPS to fulfill power needs of office and home.

Our other products include voltage stabilizers, power inverters, DC-DC converters, solar charge controllers, Car battery chargers and power supplies.

Our UPS provide backup from 30 min. to 10 hrs. depending on user requirement. We have developed voltage stabilizers which cover very wide range of input fluctuation, 80VCA to 280VAC and provide stabilized 220V. Our inverters are being used with solar arrays and in developing telecom sector.

We are fulfilling the demands in banking sector, medical organizations, UN agencies, prestigious govt. and semi-govt. departments and autonomous bodies in Pakistan.

Managing Director & CEO

Khalil ur-Rehman
M.Sc. Agriculture(Hons.)
CEO & Managing Director

Tel: 0092-300-5211305